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Business Coaching Programs To Help You To Successfully Grow Your Small Business.

I love working with entrepreneurs that can make a difference.

My skill is knowing how to get the owner to grow their business faster and more easily than they can themselves. Especially the ones that have started their business, established a foothold in their market, built a team and the beginnings of a trusted brand - they are the ones that go 'boom' with my work.

Coaching since 1996. Over a billion dollars in small business growth and a passion for helping others.

Born into Education

I was born in Geelong, Victoria. My mum and dad were both teachers. Dad at University and mum at High school.

I told them I’d never be a teacher.

Those words came back to bite me. I’ve been teaching business now for near on 20 years to entrepreneurs.

Passion for Sport

I read every newspaper from the back. I thrive on sport and exercise. I wanted to be a professional triathlete. So all through my childhood you’d find me training and competing in all types of weird and wonderful sports, primarily Triathlon.

Event Creation & Service Award

Whilst studying at university my best mate and I started several sporting events to raise money for the sporting club we founded. We worked our butts off. And they went well. Before we knew it the university and a local council got us to create and manage events for them.

Olympic Athlete Management

Some of the athletes I knew were world class, so I was lucky enough to manage them. Tracey Watson, dual Olympian, was one of them. Currently Tracey is head of the UCI Oceanian Cycling Confederation.

Bachelor of Commerce

In 1996 I graduated from Deakin University in Geelong with a Bachelor of commerce degree with majors in Financial Accounting and Commercial law. I was offered a job in a local accounting firm, but I chose to pursue my dream as a professional athlete.


Growing up I wanted to be a professional athlete. Injuries led me to discover my talent for business. I took my focus and discipline and poured it into starting my business coaching business whilst also keeping my passion for training and racing by representing my country at three different sports at world championship age group level.

Business Begins

In May 1996 I started my business ‘Casey Gollan Marketing’ from my parents spare room. A year later in 1997 I teamed up to work with another entrepreneur to help create and develop a ‘prototype’ business coaching franchise. That franchise is now one of the worlds leading coaching franchises.

Business Booms

Working like a madman helped. A lot of my small business clients started posting million dollar plus growth. Some of them in the tens of millions. So I got a name for adding millions to businesses, in terms of revenue, profit and business value.

In Demand

Luckily with my success, businesses fly me in to conferences domestically and internationally to help other business owners succeed.

Award-Winning Clients

Some of the clients that I worked with went on to win prestigious awards including the 2010 BRW fast growth Award (Rob Cecconi, Sportsnet Holidays). 2012 BRW Entrepreneur of the Year (Eddie and Mitch, Bigcommerce) and the 2012 International Franchisee of the Year (Steve Rollings, Anytime Fitness).

World Class

Due to my clients success, I've been fortunate to have forged friendships and speak with some of the world's leading small business leaders.

This is Michael Gerber the author of the wold wide smash hit 'The 'E' Myth Revisited'. We were the only two speakers at a private business group in Melbourne.

Family Man

Business is one thing, but family is everything. My wife and children help me do what I do and be who I am. I love them to bits.

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Coaching small businesses since 1996. Over a billion dollars in small business growth and a passion for helping others.


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