You and Me

Have you been struggling
to REALLY grow your
business lately?

You’ve started a business that you love some time ago... But now you’re working 40-70+ hours a week, and can’t ‘turn off’ when you get home.

It’s dependent on you. The staff you hired are dependent on you too. You’re not making the money you want to make. You can see the possibilities, but making it happen simply isn’t happening.

You’ve probably been trying for a while now but have been struggling to make it all happen with ease. Reality is, you’re smart and you can work almost anything out.

The problem is now your life is more complicated than when you first started. You have a bigger business, more staff and probably a family as well. So you’re crunched for time and loaded with responsibilities.

It’s heavy and stressful. And if you don’t get your business right - things could really get messy. The time and energy you use to have to ‘make things happen just isn’t available like it used to be.

Now you get tired. And you get stressed. Stress can turn into anger. And you probably feel depressed at times - if you're honest about it.

YOUR BLOOD, SWEAT and TEARS are getting you somewhere…

In fact perhaps you’ve done well enough that you’re profiting 6 figures a year!

Congratulations. What you’ve done is quite an achievement.

But, deep down you know you want more. And you can’t turn it off… can you? I know, because I’ve been there too.

You’re making 6 figures in profit - but something is missing. Sure people that know you think you’re crushing it.

Everything from the outside looks great. But from the inside, you feel it like it’s a ‘house-of-cards’. And you’re working frantically to keep it all together.

Maybe you’ve got enough customers, but the reality is you probably don’t have a consistent, predictable way to get them.

You might get enquiries - but they’re not all a fit. And there never seems to be enough money, so there’s pressure to sell to those customers that’s aren’t right. Which causes more issues.

Your cash flow is inconsistent… You turn over a lot, but don’t get to keep or ‘see’ most of it. You’re constantly checking your bank account.

Your staff are ‘ok’ but not great. You have to ‘clean up’ after them. You’re always nervous about someone leaving, because it’s so hard to find good people.

So you’re probably over paying - just to keep things settled. The business depends on you. You don’t get much ‘time off’ or holidays. You think you have a business, but in reality it’s a job.

You work crazy hours. Don’t see your family as much as you should. Hobbies, you don’t have time for them. It’s business 24/7. And it’s wearing thin - not just on you but on your partner and family.

Yet, you started the business to be free. And it isn’t feeling like that now. You feel like you’re spinning your wheels - and that’s what needs to change.

All of this used to be me. I used to think, ‘No one could do it better than me’. I was proud of it. I could outwork anyone.

I loved what I do.

My parents were academics and told me that I should ‘get a job’.

Nothing was in my favour. Except the fact that I thought I’d be good at ‘business coaching’.

But, I didn’t have freedom. I didn’t have real wealth. I didn’t have a team that could build the business without me having to be ‘there’.

So I was trapped, stressed, doing okay - but wanted more.

I used to be a dead broke toilet cleaner when I started. That’s how I earnt money to live whilst I went to University.

In May 1996, at 24 years of age, I started my business coaching businesses with just $200 and worked from a spare room in my parents’ home. On my dad's computer.

I’d never had a full time job. I had no business experience. I had no savings. No loan. No network. No safety net.

Problem was there was no such thing as ‘business coaching’ back in 1996.

There was no model to follow. No coaches or mentors to give me ‘funnels’ or step-by-step instructions.

In Australia, business coaching was at its very beginning.

I was one of the first in Australia and around the world. I had to develop a new service to a new market, and sell it.

At 24 years of age.

And I thought I’d be good at it. So I started. It wasn’t easy.

Fast forward to today, 2019. I am still business coaching in the very same business I started all those years ago.

Over the years my focus has been on my clients. Not on myself.

I have no podcast. I haven’t written a book. Nor have I done an Australian seminar or workshop tour.

I haven’t sought media to get publicity. I haven’t done any TV interviews.

I just marketed, got clients and went to work. I just focused on helping my clients grow and scale.

Getting my clients INCREDIBLE RESULTS was the focus.


Since 1996 I’ve been fortunate to have many amazing clients that have been able to transform their lives with their business.

I have worked with 207 industries with the approach I’m about to share with you to get these results.

I have also helped 33 clients to build and sell their businesses for 6, 7 and 8 figures.
What I do is ‘situational specific’ and not ‘industry specific’ and thus can be applied to any business.

In looking back now - I put all the success of my work for my clients and myself down to three guiding principles.

1. Scale Time
2. Build Team
3. Bank Money

Combining all three of these has resulted in well over a billion dollars in client growth, hundreds of business owners removed from the day-to-day and thousands of successful team hires.

It’s a process that has been proven over 22 years and I want to unpack for you - so you can discover exactly how you can transform your life too.

Following this process will:

• Transform your life financially
• Transform your life with time freedom
• Transform your life by learning how to build and lead a team that builds your business - without you having to be there.




Get ready...
This is going to blow your mind…
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