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If you’re an entrepreneur looking to grow from 6 figure profits to 7+ figure profits, shift from working 40-70+ hours per week to 15 hours or less, and build a team that builds your business, then follow the steps below.

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WHO IS THIS FOR? Existing business owners currently making 6+ figures in profit/yr, have 3-30 staff and still doing 50-70+ per week.

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: A proven, Guaranteed formula of how to scale to 7+ figures in profit/yr, build your team and systemise your business so that it can run without you having to be there - so you can get your life back, be around for your family and focus on growing your business. 

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How Add10 will help you grow your business and change your life...

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Casey's 23 Year Track Record Of Epic Business Growth Results, Includes...

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Our mission is to transcend business owners lives so they can transcend their family's lives.
These books will help accelerate your understanding of Casey's Add10Fomula.

The Guide Book On how to achieve Epic Business Growth using Casey Gollan's Add10Formula.

Casey Gollan's guide on how to move from 40+ hour weeks to just 15 Hours or less.

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Meet Casey Gollan

Committed and Lucky husband😍🥰, blessed father of three❤️. Keen athlete 🏊🏻‍♂️🚴🏻‍♂️🏃‍♂️.

Loves creating faster and easier ways to help business owners gain freedom and the power to create their dream lives by achieving financial, time and business freedom.

One of the first business coaches on the planet (May 1996) and pioneer of the business coaching industry worldwide.

The business coach top coaches from around the world call to get 'unstuck'.

23 Years business coaching impacting thousands around with world with greater than $B in results,  450+ clients businesses systemised and able to work 15 hours or less, with teams that can grow the business without the owner 'having' to be there.

The Mastermind behind some of Australia's most epic small business growth success stories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will This Apply To My Business?

If you have an existing business and are making 6+ figures in profit/year, have 3-30 staff and are still working 50-70+ hours a week you NEED to watch this video recording. It will literally change your life like it has for others over the past 23 years.

If your current business situation is not in the ranges listed - this video is not for you.

Will It Work In My Industry?

Absolutely if you fit the criteria for profit/# of stafft/work hours.  Casey has a proven track record in 207 industries over the past 23 years from retail, healthcare, professional services, trade, construction, SAAS, ecommerce, Dangerous Goods Freight, Freight Forwarding, Health & Fitness, RTO's, Plumbing, Electrical, Building to name a few.

Do I Get Specific Plan and Processes For My Business and Situation?

Yes. You with have your own individualised growth plan with the right processes for where you are right now and where you want to get to. Every client has their own personalised plan.

Do You Guarantee Results?

Absolutely. You have two guarantees to protect your investment. The first is a 30 day guarantee and the second is a 12 month 10 times ROI or your money back guarantee.

Have You Worked In My Industry Before?

Over 23 years there's a massive chance Casey has.

What Makes You Different To Other Coaches.

Track record. My life Journey. Business model. Who I am and access to me.

23 Year proven track record. 33,000+ hours. Well over a $B in results. 450+ business that have actually systemised their business and moved from 50+ to 15 hours or less work weeks. 3,000+ successful team hires.

You will learn how to grow and run your business to change your life financially. Also to help you become the best version of yourself, connect you deeper to yourself, your life partner and family.

My life journey and trauma has given me access to deeper parts of myself and my soul. Initially this was just to get my life working, then I found out just how relevant it was to others that I coach to help them to heal and grow themselves to achieve epic things in not just their business, but also their life.

Will I Learn Marketing Specific To My Business?

Yes. You will receive proven step-by-step marketing processes customised to your business. Including google adwords, Facebook advertising, SEO, LinkedIn, Content Marketing, Marketing Automation, Youtube, Funnels, Video Marketing, Retargeting plus much more. We make it as easy and as fast as possible for you to implement the appropriate strategies into your business to get results. No more trial and error and messing around!

Do You Provide Direction?

Absolutely. Each quarter you get to set 5yr, 3yr, 12m and 90 day plans with our help to give you direction and focus. Then every week and every day you have the ability to get direction on immediate, short term and long term issues.

Do You Provide Accountability?

Absolutely. With our quarterly planning, our monthly assessments and planning, our weekly feedback processes, our weekly coaching and our daily forum.

Will I Get Help On Recruiting, Training, Managing and Leading Staff?

Absolutely. Without your team you cannot achieve your dream. Everything you need from ads, processes,  proven templates, scripts and scenarios, what to say, when to say it on all types of situations to help you grow as fast as possible to be able to attract, build and lead your teams so that they can build your business without it depending on you.

Will I learn Financials, Cashflow, Forcasting and KPI's?

Absolutely. Casey has a Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Accounting and Commercial Law - so financial literacy is a massive focus. We have a financial nijitsu course that will transform your understanding of your business financials, cashflow, forcasting and setting KPI's specific to your business.

Will You Help Me Find The Right Team Members?

Absolutely. With 3,000+ hires with our proven recruiting process you will be able to implement it into your business so it works on autopilot 365 day a year, 24 hours 7 days a week. No more stressing about trying to find the 'right' staff. 🙂

Will You Help Me Writing Ads?

Absolutely. Your ads and your entire marketing collateral. From what to say, where to say it, what colours to use, where to put images, what types of images to use we have you covered. No more procrastinating and stressing, we've got your back 🙂

What Are You Selling?

There is nothing to buy on this video or page.

What we are promoting in this video is that installing the Add10Formula into your business will be an easier and faster way for you to be successful in your business. Implementing the Add10Formula will help you achieve financial, time and business freedom.

It's a process that will make so much sense to you because if you fit the criteria - it is what you've been looking for to take your business and life to the next level.

If you like what you see and hear and it feels like something you should be implementing into your business - then you can book a time to talk with Casey and create a plan of how to take your business forward.

You will not be pushed into buying. We only want win:win relationships with clients we know can win with our services. We offer a written guarantee of 10x ROI in the first 12 months or your money back, so we must choose wisely.

Obviously demand is high due to this, so we can be picky with who we take on board. We want everyone to have a 'beyond' experience in all areas with working with us.

The options you can buy if you choose to are our coaching, our digital services and our products.

How Much Will It Cost?

Depending on what you need, our products start at $1,000 up to $250,000+.

Do You Offer A Pure 1 on 1 Coaching Service?

Yes, there are two levels of the pure one on pure programs especially for (a) clients that have a high growth/return opportunity that are looking to roll out multiple locations and (b) clients that have a National/Global growth/return opportunity that want Casey to take a share in the business to fully focus on taking it big.

How Long Does The Coaching Go For?

Minimum of 12 months. Most clients choose to stay for 3 years. Casey has clients that have repeatedly worked with since 1996.

Do You Do Group Or One on One Coaching?

Our programs have a number of elements that includes both one on one and group. Depending on your situation and what you need we have price points and access levels.

What Do You Cover In Your Coaching?

With 23 year track record of results the depth of knowledge and excellent proven process is immense. To add millions in profitable growth you need to become an elite business person. We enable that with processes for direction, leadership, management, hiring, firing, training, meetings, time management, sales, marketing, funnels, social media, business systemisation, outsourcing, building VA teams etc. We also cover self care and family care so that you can win at business, life and your family relationships. We aim for you to 'have it all'. The business, the wealth, the free time and the connected relationship with your life partner and children.

Do I Get One On One Coaching and How Often?

Absolutely. With our business model you have access to one on one coaching every day, every week, every month - of every month. Got questions or in a pickle? We have your back 🙂

Is This Group Coaching Or One On One Coaching?

We provide you with both. To accelerate your growth we provide you with all types of elements that will accelerate your learning, execution, experience and results. This includes group and one on one that is specific and customised to you and your situation.

How Long Until I Start Seeing Results?

Within hours if not days. Our famous on-boarding process will get you to do key tasks that when implemented can start getting you results from the first day. We expect you to have saved and/or made your money back within 30-90 days. At 12 months we provide a 10 times ROI or your money back so we better start helping you as fast as we can 😉

Will you help me build a virtual team?

Absolutely. Casey has been outsourcing and building virtual teams since 2003. You will get our processes of where to find, what ads to place, how to sort through responses in seconds and the process to hire the right contractors that will fit your business and culture like a glove. This process will change your life like it has for every client that have built virtual teams.

Will you help me systemise my business?

Absolutely! This is on every business owners 'want to do' list but they never really get it done. This will change your life as you implement our step-by-step process to systemising your business that will enable to you FINALLY have it systemised in just 5 to 9 weeks - without you spending any more money or time that you are now.

Will You Help Me Automate My Marketing So I'm Always Getting New Business?

Absolutely! This is a game changing process and fundamental to achieving epic business growth. Finally you will be in control of getting new customers 🙂

Will You Help Me Get Out Of Working 'In' The Business So I Can Work 'On' It?

Absolutely. You'll have the entire process to implement, our support to guide you and keep you accountable and the action plans to follow to make it happen.

Will You Help Me Get My Cashflow Healthy?

Absolutely. Cash is king and getting your cashflow under control is essential to good business, so it's a key area we can work with you on.

How Can I Start?

  1. Watch the video above so you understand Casey's process and what you can expect by implementing it into your business
  2. Read through the information on this page for further understanding
  3. When ready click on one of the green 'apply' buttons then follow the prompts to book a 1 on 1 session into Casey's diary.
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What Our Clients Say About Us

Watch and listen to our client on how Add10 helped them achieve EPIC Growth.

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